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Apalachicola, FL - Credit: Marina Life

Our Town

Apalachicola is a town on Apalachicola Bay, an inlet from the Gulf of Mexico. The town name originated from the Seminole people, considered by many to mean “land of the friendly people”.

The town has gone through many changes since the early 1820s, but the culture remains friendly and relaxed. More than 90% of Florida’s oyster harvest is produced in Apalachicola Bay.

Apalach is a taste of Old Florida as an untouched paradise of seaside fishing and endless sunshine. Come stay awhile and experience an airboat adventure as the perfect supplement to your stay!


River & Nature Reserve

The Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve (ANERR) is an untouched sanctuary for many wild animals and includes the area that serves as the outlet for a watershed of three states. It is a remote, enchanting area that covers almost the entire bay and the protective barrier islands. The area is the largest food-producing estuary in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Apalachicola River stretches from the Gulf Coast through Georgia to the Appalachian Mountains. The river and surrounding forests contain some of the highest biological diversity east of the Mississippi. From tidal marshes to seagrass meadows and several types of forest, this area is one of the few parts of Florida that has not been touched by logging or development.

You will find many endangered species and wild animals here, including alligators and other swamp creatures. The river basin is also home to tupelo trees, which help produce mono-floral tupelo honey.

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53rd Annual Florida Seafood Festival - Credit: Florida Rambler
Florida Rambler - 53rd Annual Florida Seafood Festival

Things to Do

Here for a few weeks? Just passing through? Either way, if you need recommendations, let your captain know. From restaurants to the best beaches, we can help make sure you make the most of your visit to Apalachicola.

Things to Do

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