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“This isn’t a maybe… It’s a MUST!”

John W. – Lebanon, OH

March 2017 – TripAdvisor

We booked a day ahead over the phone. Larry was waiting with the airboat on time. He was courteous and attentive but not in the way. We saw alligators and an eagle as well as local sights.

He took us up Apalachicola river. The scenery was very beautiful. Both my wife and I had no idea how beautiful the back country really is.

flynduck – Syracuse, NY

March 2017 – TripAdvisor

Took this tour in Feb., and again yesterday to celebrate a birthday. Capt. Larry does a great navigation job and has interesting details about the area. We did the one hour tour, highly recommend. I think having more than 5 adults could be uncomfortable, could do for six if children are part of the party.

“We got to see parts of Florida that many do not without special access.”

Anonymous – Clarksville, TN

November 2016 – Yelp

Had so much fun on this excursion! We got to see parts of Florida that many do not without special access. 😉 loved the speed, driving through the high grass, and looking at the alligators! Felt like something from a movie! Very cool! I highly recommend! The more people you have going, the better price he will give you too! He is very knowledgeable about the area wildlife and such. This isn’t a maybe… It’s a MUST! We had a blast! Thank you!

Maggie C.

November 2016 – TripAdvisor

Highly recommend! great way to see parts of Florida not accessable to others. We saw a couple of alligators!

Hall S. – Jacksonville, FL

July 2016 – TripAdvisor

we were looking for a way to experience the water and what an adventure this was!! Captain Larry was entertaining and gave us great information regarding the environment, birds, estuaries and swamps. Go early in the morning before it gets too hot and avoid afternoon rainstorms.

“The Apalachicola Estuary is exotic and untouched and looks prehistoric.”

Kim A.

July 2016 – TripAdvisor

We met Captain Larry at the marina after booking our tour with a most informative and helpful receptionist the evening before. Captain Larry told us where we would be going as we settled into our comfortable seats. The Apalachicola Estuary is exotic and untouched and looks prehistoric. He explained about the flora and fauna and told us why the Apalachicola oysters are the best in the world.

Mike A. – Nashville, TN

May 2016 – TripAdvisor

We had a wonderful time with Capt Larry on the airboat adventure! We requested a couples tour for our anniversary and really enjoyed every second of the ride. Capt Larry picked us up right on time and returned us safely to the dock and left us with wonderful memories of a special event. Thank You Capt. Larry!

“Left us with wonderful memories of a special event.”

Shari S. – Buffalo, NY

April 2016 – TripAdvisor

Took a chance and called to book the day before and as luck would have it there had been a cancellation. Captain Larry is super friendly and professional and was great to work with. Started slow on the way out of the marina and once we were clear he opened it up and had some fun – great ride! Then went deeper into the estuary and it was beautiful. Stopped and the Captain explained about the ecosystem and some history of the area. Wonderful experience and I can’t imagine anyone of any age not enjoying this.

Curb_Jumpers – Alabama

April 2016 – TripAdvisor

While there’s some gray in our hair, we still enjoy going fast. Apalachicola Airboat Adventures’ river and bay tour fully met our need for speed and it also gave us a more leisurely ride through a wild and beautiful river landscape. Captain Larry provided excellent earmuffs for the high-speed part of the tour and we barely heard the roaring 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine as we zipped along the water reed covered bay. He also gave us an informative running narrative about the Apalachicola Estuary once we slowed down for the river portion of the tour (you can take off the earmuffs for this part of the tour).

We took Airboat Adventures’ 1 -2 hour tour for a reasonable $40 per person. They also offer a longer day tour as well as a night tour. We plan on taking one of them on our next visit to Apalachicola.


April 2016 – TripAdvisor

We had a great time on our first air-boat ride! We met the captain at the boat launch under the bridge and got prepared: sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, GoPro, life vests for the kids, long sleeves, and ear protection! We slowly made our way out of the marina and once we were able, took off! We took 2 adults and 4 kids (ranging in age from 3-11) and there were lots of smiles and laughs when we were going fast and would make high speed turns! On the other side of the bay, we found another world! It seemed so remote and undisturbed! We saw 7 alligators in all! From a baby, to large adults! It was definitely a fun experience for all of us!

“Apalachicola Airboat Adventures’ river and bay tour fully met our need for speed and it also gave us a more leisurely ride through a wild and beautiful river landscape.”

Patrick B. – Atlanta, GA

April 2016 – Yelp & TripAdvisor

Three friends and I took a trip with Captain Larry. It was an hour trip through the swamplands of Apalachicola and well worth the money.
Word of caution, the embarking location is different from the 479 Market St address. We made the mistake of going to that address to meet Captain Larry. The actual meeting place was really under the bridge off of Water St. (Just be sure to confirm meeting location when you make your reservation.)

The trip was quite interesting, as Captain Larry speeds through the swamp land. You truly get to experience and see nature, untouched by man. It’s quite the estuary. Captain Larry even stopped along the way for us to just sit and observe the surroundings and share fun facts. We got to see an eagle, an alligator and other birds during the trip.

For my first airboat ride, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nancy Z. – Cottage Grove, WI

January 2016 – Yelp

The airboat experience is awesome and the Apalachicola River area is beautiful.  Having a motorless boat makes seeing the back waters easy.  Our guide was knowledgeable and amazing, giving us plenty of opportunities to take photos.

Joseph R. – Indianapolis, IN

December 2015 – TripAdvisor

Went on this airboat tour with my grandfather last week. This is a must do if you visit Apalachicola! Master Captain Larry Covell was awesome. He gave a excellent review of the local ecosystem and we learned a lot. Captain Covell was extremely nice and we just loved our experience with him!

Go see Captain Covell, you will NOT be disappointed!

“This is a must do if you visit Apalachicola!”

 Dave M. – Elyria, OH

May 2015 – Yelp

We had a great time on the airboat. It was a first time for our family of six. I was worried about being sea sick but the ride is very smooth and fun. We didn’t see as many gators as I thought we would but still very fun and worth the money spent.

Melissa C. – St. Peters, MO

May 2013 – Yelp

My husband, sister, and I took an hour and 15 minutes airboat trip with Apalachicola Airboat Adventures.  None of us had been on an airboat before so we weren’t sure what to expect.  We met up at Papa Joe’s in Apalachicola and headed out.  The trip was very smooth!  We went back into the remote waters of the Apalachicola river and discovered how beautiful the area is.  The waters are smooth as glass with sea grasses and palm trees and so much more vegetation.  There were baby alligators swimming around.  The airboat could turn very quickly but it was smooth and not scary at all.  We had ear protection as it is very loud.  On the way back to Apalachicola, we spotted a very large alligator and got within feet of him before he swam away.  SO awesome!  I loved the airboat experience!

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