Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the questions our riders have had.
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Why is a boat trip considered a must?

You won’t find an adventure like this anywhere else. You will visit secret places and wildlife only our riders get to see while gliding and flying down the river or bay on an exciting boat ride. This is the best way to truly discover the beauty of the Forgotten Coast! Learn More

What is your most popular tour?

Lake Chipely is the most popular airboat tour. Call to learn more!

How many people can ride?

The airboat can hold 5 adults comfortably, or 4 adults and 2 smaller children.

How much does a tour cost?

Prices vary seasonally and by tour type/length. Please contact us for pricing and more info.

What should we wear?

Dress according to the weather. In the summer, you can wear shorts and t-shirt. Bugs are not a problem during day trips.

On airboat tours, a light long sleeve shirt is good to protect from the sun. Baseball caps work well to keep the sun away from your face, and the hearing protection provided for airboat tours will hold your hat on and make a good ear seal. Any shoes are fine, but keep in mind we will be moving at 40mph during parts of the tour. For night rides, bring bug spray, and it helps to wear darker clothing.

What times do you give tours?

We give tours any time, any day. Day-of trips are always welcome, but give us a call to get all the info.

Where do we meet you?

That really depends on the type of tour and where the winds are blowing that day. When you call to make your reservation, we’ll tell you the specific address and give you directions. It will be in Apalachicola proper.

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes, and we have enough to fit both children and adults correctly for maximum safety. Ear protection is provided for airboat tours because of the engine noise.

May we bring food and drinks?

Yes! Alcohol is allowed. Bring your lunch and snacks!

Can you cater our lunch or sunset dinner?

Absolutely! We partner with the best places in town. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance so we can make arrangements.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, check, or card.

What ages might enjoy a tour?

Our tours are perfect for all ages!

What happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Apalachicola rarely has bad weather, but if there is, we will reschedule! And we’ll make sure you get plenty of notice. If you’re not sure, just call. See the Weather Cam

Who leads the tours?

Captain Larry will be your tour guide! We sometimes partner with other captains in the area, as well.

Is the wildlife on the river tours dangerous?

No, but we ask that you stay in the boat at all times, just in case (unless instructed otherwise).

Will we see alligators on the airboat tours?

Most likely!

Adventure awaits!

Give us a call to learn your tour options and schedule the best time for your adventure.